A Little Introduction…

I really wasn’t sure how to start this blog I just knew I wanted to start one.  So please bare with me as I start this new(to me) and interesting world of blogging.  I figure the best way to start is from the beginning of who I am and how this came to be.

My name is Rachelle, I am 31 years old and am a licensed full time working hairstylist for the last 14 years.  I have a tiny Chihuahua named Josie(yes that’s her in the pic she never leaves me side), so if I’m not working I’m usually spending my time with her or at the gym.  I’m currently taking online schooling in Sports and Fitness Nutrition and have just started an adult tap dance class with my sister, something we did growing up but I haven’t done for 14 years!

Now how did this whole passion for food come to be?  Well a few years ago I was dating a fellow gym junkie who decided to participate in a body building competition.  During his prep process I weighed, measured, and cooked all our food and there is where I discovered my love for cooking.  That relationship ended but my curiosity for food and how it really works continued.  I started following fitness people on Instagram and YouTube, tried many different fad diets, and read all sorts of magazine articles trying to figure out this whole healthy eating thing.  What I learnt is that it’s damn confusing!  Fast forward to now and I feel I am still learning.  I decided, like I mentioned above, to start online schooling in nutrition focusing on the sports and fitness side because that’s what interests me the most.  I actually find it fascinating!  Through this blog I will share my years of struggles and experiences with you all.  A food diary to read, enjoy, and hopefully take away some helpful information to achieve and goals you may have.

xo Rachelle

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