My Favorite Quick, Easy Meal


I’m a day late posting this, it has been a crazy busy weekend! I spent a lot of this weekend cooking, baking, and studying. I have my second last final at the end of this month so it’s crunch time and the next few weeks my posts may be a bit short. As you can see even poor Josie feels a bit neglected as she falls asleep staring at me waiting for attention while I try to study! So today I’ll leave you guys with one of my go-to recipes. These “Protein Pancakes” I’ve been making for years. They are easy, cheap, healthy, and can work for any meal of the day.
Protein Pancakes:
½ cup quick oats
¾ cup egg whites
Place ingredients in a magic bullet or small blender and blend until smooth. Pour ¼ of mixture on to a heated pan. When pancakes start to bubble, flip. Easy peasy!
Makes 4 pancakes
*252 calories per serving!
You can of course add things to these!  Sometimes I’ll sprinkle in cinnamon, or a bit of vanilla into the batter before I blend it. I’ve sprinkled raisins or blueberries onto the pancake as it’s cooking before I flip it. If I make them plain I’ll use maple syrup (my favorite, especially a sugar-free one!), or I’ll put all-natural peanut butter and honey between 2 pancakes like a sandwich. The options are endless, just don’t forget the added ingredients add calories so watch your portions!
xoxo Rachelle

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