Happy New Year!

new year

Happy New Year!!
Some of you may have noticed I took a bit of time off from my blog through the Christmas season. As a full-time hairstylist December can be a bit insane trying to get all your clients in to get them beautiful and ready for seeing and spending time with their loved ones. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years and kept up on their health and fitness goals. I find the whole month of December extremely difficult to stay on track. There seems to always be someone bringing in Christmas goodies to snack on or the endless get togethers with yummy food and drinks. It’s hard to find time to get in your daily workouts due to these parties, or gift shopping, wrapping presents, etc. Trust me when I tell you I am THE WORST for bad eating habits through the holiday season. My addiction to sweets and love for party snacks makes it difficult to stay on track. It’s a running joke with my friends and family that if you can’t find me at a party I’m at the snack table, its sad but true. Over the years I’ve learned how to still indulge without completely ruining all my hard work in the gym. No matter how busy my life gets I always find time to get to the gym and a busy December is no excuse.
So how do I survive all the holiday eating?? Well first I’m not hard on myself for eating 5 cookies within 5 minutes. It happens. And tomorrow is another day to wake up and get back on track. I will allow myself 1 treat a day to keep myself from binge eating all the cookies, bars, whatever is in my sight. 1 day of bad eating won’t make you fat just like 1 day of healthy eating won’t make you skinny.
DON’T skip your workouts. For me it’s a helpful daily reminder to keep eating healthy to give my body the fuel it needs for my workouts. In saying this don’t think working out for an extra hour the day after binge eating treats will help burn off the extra calories. All you will do is start feeling guilty and drive yourself crazy and into unhealthy habits. Like I mentioned earlier, tomorrow is a new day with a fresh 24 hours to make better decisions don’t beat yourself up for what happened the day before.
With a new year comes a new set of goals. I don’t make new year’s resolutions I like to make goals for myself. I find making resolutions sets me up for disappointment if I don’t end up following through but with goals at least I’m working towards something. My goals for this year are:
1) Finishing and receiving my diploma in Sports and Fitness Nutrition. Something I started purely for interest and my love for learning about food and how it works for our bodies.
2) Better understanding money and finances. If you speak about money to me you might as well be speaking Chinese. That’s not a good quality, everyone should know the ins and outs of their finances and thank you to my CPA sister I have already started to better myself in this aspect.
3) Keeping up on my blog. I’ve enjoyed using this as a platform to voice what I know about food, creating healthy habits and sharing my favorite recipes. As long as people are following I will keep talking so thank you to my followers and there’s lots more to come!
4) Working more on my mindset. What I mean by this is more reading, less t.v. watching. I’m a big believer that if you put it out to the universe the universe will help you achieve it. Some people pray or believe in higher powers for these types of things, so you can go with whatever you believe and what works for you. When I set my mind to something I will project it out to the universe, I will write it in my journal every day to keep my mind focused on what I’m wanting to achieve. That helps change my mindset. I’ve only started recently doing this in the last few years by reading a lot of “self-help” type books or listening to podcasts instead of music at the gym. I read books that focus on bettering yourself. Mind, body and spirit. If you dream it you can achieve it, the mind is a powerful thing and when you start believing in yourself it’s a beautiful thing.
Let’s make 2018 great everyone and one step closer to a happier, healthier life!
Rachelle xo

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