Lemon Water

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I’ve been drinking lemon water for a few years now. It helps me feel less bloated and is a great way to get a bit of vitamin C, especially here in Canada where we are staring to enter cold and flu season. I personally don’t drink pop or juice as fizz burns my throat and I don’t need all that added sugar and calories in my diet. I’m a firm believer if you want orange juice eat the orange and save yourself the added crap and preservatives in a container of orange juice plus your missing out on all that fiber! Unless its Sunday brunch and mimosas are flowing I won’t pass up on one of those for special occasions. But back to the point, if you haven’t given lemon water a try just give it a shot for a week and see how you feel. I do a REAL lemon squeezed into my water bottle. You can also add it to hot water if you feel like having something warm it’s up to you. DO NOT use lemon concentrate from a bottle that is not the real deal, use a legit beautiful yellow lemon. But what are the benefits you ask?? Well here you go!
– like I said before it’s an excellent source of vitamin C. It provides you with approximately 53 milligrams of vitamin C which is almost how much your body needs per day (the average person needs 60 milligrams/day). Vitamin C may also reduce your risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, help with the effects of the common cold, and even eye health.
– promotes hydration. We all know how great water is for our bodies, so adding a bit of flavor to your water will enhance the flavor and hopefully promote you to drink more.
– help with skin quality. This goes hand in hand with drinking water because hydration is heard to help prevent wrinkles. More research needs to be done in this area as it’s a bit controversial but vitamin C however has been shown to reduce the risk of wrinkled dry skin.
– aids in digestion. Lemon water can act as a laxative to help with constipation as it wakes up the digestive track to help things move along.
– natural detoxifier. It helps prevent bloating and other symptoms of indigestion by loosening toxins in your digestive track.
Now what are you waiting for, go buy some lemons and feel better from the inside out!
xo Rachelle

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