This weekend here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving and I celebrated my 32 birthday.  When I was still figuring out this clean healthy eating thing this used to stress me out.  Or I’d have the mentality, well I’m already going to be eating like crap so I might as well go all out, take the weekend off the gym and eat or drink whatever I want.  That is a HORRIBLE idea.  You should never feel guilty for “bad” meals or enjoying holidays and time with friends and family.  Through the years I’ve learned a few things that has helped me get through these times.  Never feel guilty for eating a bad meal, having dessert or a few drinks with a meal.  Of course I don’t mean every day but for holidays I defiantly make exceptions.  You know when a birthday, holiday or event is coming up, so plan the time around it.  I still go to the gym when I usually do I don’t take days off unless those are my scheduled days off because it will help keep you on the healthy eating mindset even at a party or get together.  Drink lots of water through the day this will help keep you feeling full so you’re less likely to binge on party snacks and also keep your alcohol consumption lower(crazy calories in alcohol!!).  At a big family dinner remember portion control.  Dinner plates these days are HUGE!!  You don’t need to cover every square inch of the plate and also try to put more veggies and meat on your plate then and carbs you may want.  The veggies and protein will help fill you up so your less likely to go crazy over the dessert.  Now when it comes to dessert that is truthfully my favorite part of any meal I’ve been known to get a bit crazy but just have one piece of cake, or square or a small scoop of ice cream.  You don’t need to say no to yummy dessert but you don’t need a whole dinner plate full of sweets either.  If you did have a really bad day where you just binge ate what felt like the entire contents of your fridge and freezer don’t be to hard on yourself.  Tomorrow is another day where we can wake up and start each day with a brand new 24hours in which to make better decisions and use all that bad food as fuel for a great gym session.  Don’t wait to start on that Monday that will never come, or the first of the month start tomorrow you’ll be more successful at getting right back on track.

xo Rachelle


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